Correcting Injustice
Casework & Document Resource to Assist Attorneys and Defendants
  1. "In the last year, I had two appointed attorneys tell me my motions for relief would not work. But after Frank sent one lawyer a letter brief and the other lawyer a copy of a motion Frank had prepared both lawyers went forward. I have already received a 31-month sentence reduction with the other action still pending."
    Patrick Sims, Palm Beach, FL
  2. "Over a year ago, after having filed several unsuccessful motions, I asked Frank Amodeo to help me correct my situation. This month (May 2015) the court granted me a full evidentiary hearing on my actual innocence and my attorney's conflict of interest."
    Robert Kier, S.D. Georgia
  3. "Frank helped me lower my sentence by 21 months, and for two years I knew there was someone who I could get to answer my questions truthfully and accurately."
    Anthony Upton, Tampa, FL
  4. "I made a mistake in my original 2255(habeas corpus) filing. When the government tried to take advantage of the mistake, I asked Mr. Amodeo to help. After nearly two years and many filings, the appeals court reversed the Magistrate and the District Judge's adverse rulings and remanded the case to be reconsidered in the light of the appellate opinion."
    Kay Dauphin, Miami, FL
  5. "After serving 25 years in prison, although 2 jurors said they did not think I was guilty, Frank Amodeo overcame the time-bar and the procedural restrictions, to get me back into court. Thus, I have chance to clear my name even though I already served my entire sentence."
    Joseph Demint, E.D. Louisiana
  6. "Over and over again, I tried to resolve certain state charges that were keeping me from halfway house and other BOP programs. Not to mention I was forced with possibly several more years in prison. Finally, I went to Frank, who wrote a brilliant simple few pages, and the state court dismissed the charges, saving me years of prison time and making me eligible for several life-changing training programs."
    John Ross, Maine
  7. I am pretty good at legal work, but when I had a chance to get 52 months off, I asked Frank to help. Because the difference between good and great is passion; and in nearly two decades of being involved with lawyers, I never met one more dedicated and passionate than Frank. "
    Charles Brown, S.D. FL
  8. "I began taking Frank's legal classes. I have become not only impressed with his vast knowledge and understanding of the law and the procedural applications, but also I've witnessed him demonstrate a genuine heart for fellow inmates and their individual plights regarding their sentences."
    M. Goss, FL