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There is  nothing for sale on this website.  It is provided to give attorneys and defendants free access to casework, strategy, motions and other documents submitted by Frank Amodeo in court that have been successful in reduction of sentencing after incarceration, appeals, combatting corruption, and dealing with complex issues within the legal system that have led to injustices inflicted on defendants.  
Why this matters now
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Watch the news for 10-minutes about current court cases and it's not difficult to see that the legal system isn't balanced or fair.  Defendants with big money frequently get shorter sentences or no jail time at all.  Public defenders who fight to keep the system as honorable as possible are outnumbered and have little chance of keeping up with the overwhelming number of cases thrown at them.  The prison system in America is a for-profit corporation.  And these visible issues are only the tip of the iceberg.  Once in motion, a case going to trial can be like a runaway train that leads to a final unfavorable outcome that defendants can't begin to fight against.

To be clear, not every case is handled incorrectly, unfairly or includes corruption on the part of the prosecution.  And we more than believe in the appropriateness of incarceration for individuals proven to have committed crimes.  But Mr. Amodeo has dedicated his efforts to assisting in cases where things have gone wrong or been mishandled within the court system. 
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